the best Things to do in Washington DC near our Washington DC Bed and Breakfast

The Best Things to do in Washington DC This Fall

Fall is an ideal time to visit the Nation’s Capital and explore all of the best things to do in Washington, DC! The city is often less crowded than in the summer months, and the weather is perfect for sightseeing. You can enjoy the gorgeous fall foliage, great waterfront views, fantastic restaurants, bars, and attractions …
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photo of Rock Creek Park DC, Boulder bridge a popular landmark

A Quiet Afternoon at Rock Creek Park in DC

When it’s time for a break from the spectacular memorials, monuments, and museums of our Nation’s Capital, Rock Creek Park in DC is the perfect place to surround yourself with nature. This 1,754-acre urban park is home to plenty of outdoor adventures, from hiking and biking to historical sites and a planetarium. The space is …
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Monuments in Washington DC, photo of the Washing Monument

Don’t Miss These Monuments in Washington DC

If it’s your first time visiting our Nation’s Capital, exploring the memorials and monuments in Washington DC should be at the top of your list. Most of these iconic attractions are located on the National Mall, which stretches from the US Capitol to the Lincoln Memorial. And many of these memorials and monuments in Washington …
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Best Time to visit Washington DC, photo of the cherry blossoms blooming in spring

The Best Time to Visit Washington, DC, in 2023

If you’re planning on exploring our Nation’s Capital this year, you may be asking when is the best time to visit Washington, DC. There are plenty of lively debates about this topic online, and according to US News, the best time to visit Washington, DC, is a tie between spring and autumn! Many believe spring …
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The Very Best Waterfront Activities In Washington D.C.

Washington D.C.’s Potomac River Waterfront is one of the most scenic places in the entire city. It is nestled largely between Georgetown and Downtown Arlington, VA. There are tons of fun activities for the entire family, for couples young and old, for friends of any age, and for the solo traveler. Sometimes you just need …
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Washington Monument 2019

History The Washington Monument memorializes George Washington, commander of the Continental Army and first President of the United States. Even during his own lifetime, George Washington became a symbol of patriotism and civic duty. The memorial was a manifestation of this. Robert Mills designed the original plan for the Washington Memorial. His designed featured an …
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Eclectic Shopping at Dupont Circle

Today‚Äôs blog highlights some of the wonderful shops located near Dupont Circle Metro! Jenni Bick Custom Journals Jenni Bick is a haven for stationery lovers. The shop sells paper, journals, and writing implements of all kinds. However, it has a focus on custom and leather journals. The leather-bound journals are gorgeous. They feel hefty when …
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2023 National Prayer Breakfast

The 2023 National Prayer Breakfast is finally back at the Washington Hilton Hotel. Please check the link below for current information: The National Prayer Breakfast provides a forum for U.S. and world leaders to gather together and discuss their faith. The day is marked by a series of meetings and events that guests can …
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