Eclectic Shopping at Dupont Circle

Today’s blog highlights some of the wonderful shops located near Dupont Circle Metro!

Jenni Bick Custom Journals

Jenni Bick is a haven for stationery lovers. The shop sells paper, journals, and writing implements of all kinds. However, it has a focus on custom and leather journals. The leather-bound journals are gorgeous. They feel hefty when I pick them up and put me in the mindset of medieval monasteries or JRR Tolkien. Most of the journals are filled with blank paper, but the ones made at the Jenni Bick workshop have an added layer of whimsy. These contain multicolored paper and often close with ribbons. It gives them an added fairy-like feel. If you have a hankering for journals, scrapbooks, or penmanship, Jenni Bick is the place to go.

Proper Topper

Whether to keep you out of the sun or protect you from the cold, hats will always have a place in our lives. The Proper Topper is here to make sure your hats are as unique and stylish as you are. Their hat collection ranges from decorated and flamboyant to stark and classic. Regardless of if you prefer feckless whimsy or a timeless silhouette, this store has a hat for you. In addition to hats, the Proper Topper also sells books, knickknacks, and clothing.

Made in DC

Made in DC highlights the work of DC-based craftsmen and artists. From jewelry to wallets to posters, this store contains all kinds of nifty accessories. Since the items for sale are handmade by local artists, you can rest assured that your purchases will reflect a regional style. Besides, what better way to commemorate your time in DC than by buying things that could only be found in DC? Made in DC also has a small café section, just in case you are hungry.

Our DC bed and breakfast is located just a short walk away from the Dupont Circle metro station and these shops. Complete your Washington, DC vacation by shopping and staying in places exclusive to DC.

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