Old propeller plane hanging from the ceiling.

Postal Progress

Postal History In the majestic collection of Smithsonian Museums, there is the often-overlooked National Postal Museum. The National Postal Museum features the history of our Postal System. Potential visitors may not feel the same level of enthusiasm as for the visiting, say, the National Air and Space Museum, but it is well worth the trip. …
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Yes, summer is going strong with heats that rival passion. But let’s take a couple of minutes to think about the reprieve that autumn will bring along with the harvest. I look forward to the nice long drives, falling leaves, and beautiful colors. That and the drop in temperature. Fall brings a bountiful harvest, Halloween …
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A table in the cafe with a plate of food, a glass of water and a book.

Food for the Head and the Stomach

DC is fortunate to have many wonderful independent bookstores. Some sell new books, some used, some both. Regardless, these bookstores contribute to DC’s vibrant feel. Here at the American Guest House, both our staff and guests appreciate the value of a good book. Therefore, I would like to spend some time featuring the amazing bookstores …
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Grapes in Washington DC

Eggs and the perfect pairing

Welcome back to another wonderful blog by yours truly. Today lets talk eggs, breakfast and the perfect pairing. I guess we should start with the history of breakfast and how it has evolved over the years. Curious by nature as I am, I first looked at what constitutes breakfast. Well, it ranges from cold/hot cereal …
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A stone fountain framed by trees.

Meridian Park, A History

Meridian Park’s history is an important fixture in the Adams Morgan and the surrounding communities. It is memorable for its grand nature and greenery. However, like DC and the United States, Meridian Park has a history riddled with complexities and nuances. Inception The park’s most stalwart advocate was Mary Henderson, who campaigned for many public …
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water, glass

Innovation and Luxury water in D.C.

        Yes, Washington DC is full of beautiful sites. Yes, we have a museum for just about anything. We are full of history second to none. Impeccable cuisine where we have a restaurant focusing on food from just about every corner of the world. Though you would be hard pressed to find …
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Three adults and a child conversing in front of an old fashioned train engine.

America on the Move

Transportation deeply affects how we live our lives, yet few of us consider the history of our highways and bus systems. Nonetheless, transportation has a history that is tied to other profound changes in American life. The exhibit ‘America On the Move’ at the National Museum of American History covers advancements in transportation from 1876 …
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Your D.C. Fourth of July Itinerary

Thinking about coming to the nation’s capital in hopes of celebrating the land of the free? Look no further! We’ve got you covered with a perfect itinerary to make sure you will make the most of your visit. Flags flying high around the city, you’ll see friends and family out and about for the festivities. …
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