The Washington Monument against a dramatic cloudy sky

Washington Monument 2019

History The Washington Monument memorializes George Washington, commander of the Continental Army and first President of the United States. Even during his own lifetime, George Washington became a symbol of patriotism and civic duty. The memorial was a manifestation of this. Robert Mills designed the original plan for the Washington Memorial. His designed featured an …
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View of the Capitol building from the sky.

2023 National Prayer Breakfast

The 2023 National Prayer Breakfast is finally back at the Washington Hilton Hotel. Please check the link below for current information: The National Prayer Breakfast provides a forum for U.S. and world leaders to gather together and discuss their faith. The day is marked by a series of meetings and events that guests can …
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Jefferson Rock at Harpers Ferry

Harpers Ferry: Make a Day Trip out of D.C.!

Cherry Blossom season in D.C. is absolutely delightful, but we know that the crowds can be hectic and chaotic – so why not take a day trip to Harper’s Ferry? D.C. has so much history, but the impact of Harper’s Ferry on history cannot be underestimated. Harpers Ferry is only a little over two hours …
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Real cost of an Airbnb in Washington, DC

Are you a business traveler searching for an Airbnb overnight stay in Washington, DC? There is a price to pay for an overnight stay and we’re not talking about dollars and cents. Supporting an Airbnb is basically hurting our beloved Washington, DC. How so? Airbnb hosts have no accountability for paying taxes to operate as …
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Universities Near American Guest House Bed and Breakfast

Are you a parent or friend visiting a college student or helping them move in?  Why stay in a generic hotel when you can enjoy the charm and character of our American Guest House B&B in Washington DC?  Our stately Colonial style home, built in 1893, puts you in close proximity to both George Washington …
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Five must know tips before attending college graduation ceremonies in DC

It’s that delightful time of year when college tassles will be flipped, mortarboards thrown upward and families and friends gather to congratulate graduates. In Washington DC it’s especially exciting as we have so many colleges in such a condensed area. Students come from all over the world to attend the 12 universities and colleges that …
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Samaritan Ministries: A Name You Can Trust

What if instead of writing a check to a health insurance company you could write a check to Ann from Topeka, IL or Richard from Salt Lake City, UT? What if, when you needed to pay your healthcare costs you received a check from Ann in Topeka and Richard in Salt Lake City? At Samaritan Ministries, the ability …
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Four Tops and Temptation at the White House 2014

The Obama’s have invited the Four Tops and The Temptations to dine with them on Friday, December 12 at the White House, DC., just a short distance from our Washington DC Lodging. The only surviving founding member from the Four Top’s is Abdul “Duke” Fakir and Otis Williams claims that designation for The Temptations. Both …
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Give your loved one a very special gift of a stay at our property.  We offer gift certificates in many amounts.