ISACA 2015 North America CSX Cybersecurity Nexus Conference

CSX was designed for cybersecurity professionals of all levels of experience and continues to be a knowledge base for professionals at every step of their career in cybersecurity. Running from October 17th through the 21st at the Marriott Wardman Park Hotel Convention … Continue reading

ACT for America 2015 National Conference and Legislative Briefing

National security is not a political—be it conservative, liberal, or libertarian—issue, as ACT For America so correctly points out, it is an American issue. This motto is what makes ACT for America an authority worth listening to. With over 800 … Continue reading

The Leading Change Summit 2015 (LCS 2015)

If you’re a nonprofit, marketing, IT, communications, or fundraising leader from any department that is actively or reluctantly incorporating digital strategy into the central nervous system of their organization in order to facilitate organization, productivity, and ease of use, then the … Continue reading

Conference on Systems Engineering Management & Innovation (ICSEMI’2015)

Dynamite really must come in small packages because there’s no other explanation for the Conference on Systems Engineering Management and Innovation covering as much as it does in the span of a single day. The ICSEMI’ 2015 will be an … Continue reading