The 2017 Opportunity Finance Network Conference

Fall is a great season to visit the nation’s capital, Washington DC. With cooler weather, ample amounts of things to do, and many events packed throughout the city. The average temperature is in the mid-70s in September, warm enough to enjoy and cool enough to be comfortable. There are many conferences and conventions that happen each fall, all over the city. One of those this fall will be The 2017 Opportunity Finance Network Conference that will be held at the Washington Hilton Hotel September 26-28, right beside our DC B&B near DuPont Circle.

What is the Opportunity Finance Network? The Opportunity Finance Network are many opportunity investors, such as, CDFIs, banks, faith-based institutions, foundations, corporations, government, and everyday people, who believe in aligning capital with justice. OFN creates opportunities and provide resources to help people act in the best interests of their communities, themselves, and future generations. What is the opportunity finance industry? In short form, the opportunity finance industry finds and finances opportunities that others miss, seeing the world differently, where others are seeing risks, the opportunity finance industry sees possibilities.

What should I expect at the 2017 Opportunity Finance Network Conference? With many big name companies sponsoring the event in 2016 like Capital One, JP Morgan, Woodforest and Fifth Third, you can expect another conference that you won’t want to miss. OFN’s 2016 Conference was an amazing three days of CDFI networking, learning, and discussion. At the annual conference, 1,280 attendees shared ideas, information, insight and  learned how to rethink the challenges faced in the industry.

Are looking for somewhere to stay while you are in Washington DC for the OFN Conference? Tired of staying at conference hotels, year after year? Look no further than our DuPont Circle B & B, located just a short 3 minute walk from the Washington Hilton. During your stay, you will be treated with a fresh breakfast each morning of your stay, which is included in the cost of your room. Rates starting at $149 a night! We look forward to serving you!

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