Visiting the U.S. Capitol, Washington DC

The United States Capitol is a monument as well as a working office building and meeting place for the nation’s legislature.  The Capitol also houses an important collection of American art, the Capitol’s architecture is an impressive creation on its own. The Capitol draws millions of visitors each year. The campus is open Monday through Saturday from …
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Visiting Washington DC Versus New York

 New York is definitely a fun place to visit. However, Washington, DC is even better.  Why?  Allow me please, I am going to list a few of the reasons why you should visit Washington DC anytime of the year with your family, friends or even by yourself.  Yes, by all means, visit New York, Miami, Boston, Philadelphia, …
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Get a little taste of DC by watching the video below: View video of some of DC’s famous landmarks** American Guest House Bed and Breakfast Washington DC Bed and Breakfast accommodations.  We are centrally located, 10 minutes walk to DuPont Circle metro/subway, 1 mile north west of White House.  

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