The History of the National Prayer Breakfast in Washington DC

National Prayer Breakfast, photo of the United States Capitol Building

The National Prayer Breakfast has long been a tradition in Washington DC since President Dwight D. Eisenhower attended in 1953. Over the years, It’s been a meeting where Christians, politicians, and business people come together to enjoy a meal and prayer.

In the past, The National Prayer Breakfast provided a forum for US and world leaders to gather together and discuss their faith. The day was marked by a series of meetings and events that thousands of guests attended. The event’s highlights were speeches by two keynote guests: traditionally the US president, while the second speaker’s identity often remained unknown.

As of 1953, the National Prayer Breakfast is being organized by the Fellowship Foundation. The breakfast takes place annually and is traditionally held on the First Thursday of February. Since the 1980s, the Washington Hilton on Connecticut Avenue NW, Washington, DC, has served as the event venue.

As it has been, The National Prayer Breakfast Gathering will occur on January 31st and February 1st, 2024 at the Washington Hilton.   There will be a separate Breakfast on the Hill for Members of Congress & the President.

The National Prayer Breakfast is just one of hundreds of conventions held in Washington DC each year, most at the Washington Hilton near our Washington DC Bed and Breakfast. If you’re heading to our Nation’s Capital for business this year, join us at our charming historic Inn for your lodging. Unlike traditional hotels, when you stay at the American Guest House, you’ll have personalized service and a private space to relax during your downtime. Book your room today!

National Prayer Breakfast, photo of a man addressing a crowd

The National Prayer Breakfast & More Conventions

The National Prayer Breakfast has evolved over the years. In the words of the Fellowship Foundation, this event has always been an “opportunity for Members of Congress to pray collectively for our nation, the President of the United States, and other national and international leaders in the spirit of love and reconciliation as Jesus of Nazareth taught 2,000 years ago.” Regardless of faith, every acting president has joined since 1953, when Eisenhower accepted the invitation.

Over the years, the National Prayer Breakfast grew under the Fellowship Foundation. The event which brings together about 3500 attendees will continue to take place at the Washington Hilton Hotel, President Biden will host a small gathering at the Capitol for about 300 mostly members of Congress.  If you’re looking for lodging for the National Prayer Breakfast or any upcoming conventions in Washington DC, we hope to host you at our Washington DC Bed and Breakfast.

More Upcoming Conventions in Washington DC


2024 Spring Conventions at the Washington Hilton:

  1. Jan 12th-14th ShmooCon
  2. Feb 6th-8th Academic Surgical Congress
  3. Feb 10th-13th NACo Legislative Conference
  4. Feb 14th-15th Humanities Literature Cultures and Arts Global Conference
  5. Feb 15th-18th NAIMUN Conference • Georgetown University
  6. Feb 24th-28th DSO / Washington Conference The American Legion
  7. Feb/Mar 27th-1st Annual Grants Training Workshop
  8. March 9th-12th Cardiovascular Research Technologies Conference (CRT)
  9. March 17th-24th NEMA Mid-Year Forum
  10. March 23rd-26th National Association of Workforce Boards Forum (NAWB)
  11. April 3rd ITA-ASIL Conference/Tradeshow
  12. April 2nd-4th NCRC – Just Economy Conference
  13. April 3rd-6th American Society Of International Law Annual Meeting
  14. April 24th-25th National Fire and Emergency Services Dinner
  15. May 23rd-26th Libertarian National Convention
  16. May 29th-31st America International Agriculture Show (AMIAS)

2024 Spring Conventions at the Omni Shoreham:

  1. March 10th-13th CCA Enrolled Actuaries Conference
  2. March 14th-16th Emerging Researchers National Conference in STEM (ERN Conference in STEM)
  3. March 18th-20th National Association of Federal Education Program Administrators Conference (NAFEPA)
  4. March 21st-24th Psychotherapy Networker Symposium
  5. March 26th-28th National Fusion Center Association (NFCA)
  6. April 15th-17th LeadingAge Leadership Summit
  7. April 18th-21st International Municipal Lawyers Association Seminar (IMLA Seminar)
  8. May 8th-10th MPL Association Conference
  9. May 13th-15th National Skills Coalition Skills Summit
  10. May 20th-22nd JumpStart Air Service Development Conference

2024 Spring Conventions at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center:

  1. Jan 7th-11th Transportation Research Board Annual Meeting
  2. Jan 19th-28th Washington Auto Show
  3. Feb 13th-14th Esri Federal GIS Conference
  4. Feb 24th-25th Washington DC Travel & Adventure Show
  5. Feb 24th-26th Aaaai Annual Convention
  6. March 1st-2nd Washington Metro Cai
  7. March 2nd Black College Expo-DC/Maryland
  8. March 4th-6th Credit Union National Association
  9. March 4th-6th OTAKON Otakon Annual Convention
  10. March 3rd-7th CUNA Governmental Affairs Conference
  11. March 8th-10th Awesome Con Washington
  12. March 16h Health & Fitness Expo – Washington DC
  13. March 18th-21st SATELLITE Conference & Exhibition
  14. March 26th-28th America Votes State Summit
  15. April 2nd-3rd IAPP Global Privacy Summit
  16. April 1st-4th World Vaccine Congress
  17. April 10th Living in Color
  18. April 15th-18th Data Center World National Harbor conference
  19. April 16th-18th National Environmental Justice Conference
  20. April 25th-27th Oncology Nursing Society Annual Congress
  21. April 27th Planner Con
  22. April 30th-May 2nd Modern Day Marine
  23. May 5th Washington Bridal & Wedding Expo
  24. May 6th-7th Premier Real Estate Expo
  25. May 4th-9th Legislative Meetings And Trade Expo
  26. May 4th-9th Realtors Legislative Meeting
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