Columbia Heights Day 2016

Columbia Heights Day events are one-day street festivals that showcase artists, community organizations, restaurants and businesses from around the neighborhood—plus other event themes. These events are a highlight for many and beloved amongst the Columbia Heights community. You can take your family out for an all-day celebration of collaborative networks that provide new opportunities for residents, businesses, and community organizations to connect and engage in a deep and meaningful way. There are many events to enjoy throughout the year. Some that are coming up are: Movie Nights in the Heights—screenings of family friendly movies that runs until the end of September; Halloween Trick or Treat—this is a spooky round of festivities with the North Columbia Heights Civic Association and the 11th Street businesses. This will kick off at 4:00pm with the Halloween Carnival. There will also be a Dog Costume Contest at 5:30pm. Those are just two of many. For a complete listing visit their website that lists all events both past and upcoming.

If you’re interested, volunteer work is available. The core mission of this network is to serve the people who live, work, and play in Columbia Heights. Think of volunteering as a chance to connect and grow with those around you. This network will consist of people from and around our neighborhood who share our values of diversity, service, character, and so much more. There are many planned things for volunteers like: monthly happy hours, cultural exchange dinners, neighborhood cleanups, and community meetings.

The Executive Director, Brianne Dornbush has done a lot for this organization in a small period of time. She’s an example of how far great leadership can go, and ways you can make change in the nonprofit world. If you’ve a passion for the livelihood of DC, start attending Columbia Heights Day events near our Washington DC Inn.

Hannah, innkeeper at American Guest House, a Washington DC bed and breakfast

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