IBEW DC 2016

The International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) will have their conference of power professionals: informing and entertaining North America at the Washington Hilton. This gathering will take place the 13th to the 15th of November near our Washington DC Inn. This will be an exciting time for everyone involved, put particularly those that have been waiting for this event to happen all year.

The International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers represents around 750, 000 active members, and also those that are no longer working but remain active, whom have jobs in a wide scope of fields such as: utilities, construction, telecommunications, broadcasting, manufacturing, railroads and government. (And these are just to name a few!) But these guys are also global with members in the United States and Canada. With so much presence, and high member retention, they really do stand out amongst the American unions in the AFL-CIO. But with such wide talents in this brotherhood, why would you expect anything less than skilled occupants. It also helps that as union members, they bargain collectively with employers over issues such as: wages benefits, and overall rights. It can be a strenuous job at times, as they’ve to stand their ground with the excellent International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers attitude, but these guys can handle just about anything! And if you think about it, really their strength in bargaining for these rights comes from how they unite as one voice instead of one person. As a group they’re strong and can negotiate contracts skillfully. Just look at the exemplarily leadership of the International President, Lonnie R. Stephenson for a fine example of what it takes, and how rewarding it can be to stay actively engaged with IBEW’s mission.  Have fun this November!

Hannah, innkeeper at American Guest House, a Washington DC bed and breakfast

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