Stores Near and Along Connecticut Avenue

Second Story Books

The books at Second Story are just waiting for you to take them to their second home. The store boasts all genres of books and has a sizeable foreign language section. Additionally, they sell art, prints, CDs, and DVDs. Quality used media of any kind is likely to find a home at Second Story Books. Coinessuires will be impressed by the collection of rare and beautifully bound books. For the more casual shopper, Second Story Books has an abundant selection. Bargain buyers will likely gravitate towards the carts outside the store where well-loved books sell for one to three dollars.


From tableware to lunchboxes to bags, Tabletop contains myriad things both useful and charming. The store focus is, as the name implies, houseware that one could find on a table. They have numerous bowels, lamps and other functional decore. In addition, they sell items like bags, scarves and childrens books. This store sells items sure to enhance a cozy aesthetic in any living space and is a great place to purchase gifts.

Looped Yarn Works

For all assiduous knitters looking for their next ball of yarn, Looped Yarn Works is the place to go. Two rooms, one on either side of the counter, contain an impressive amount of yarn. The yarn comes in a wide variety of colors and textures, increasing the odds you will find exactly what you want. Buttons both practical and whimsical are sold near the front counter. This area also contains various knitting needles, yarn markers, bags, and other odds and ends. If you are a knitting socialite, Looped Yarn Works also hosts several group events where you can meet fellow knitters.

Our comfortable DC bed and breakfast is a short fifteen-minute walk from the Dupont Circle Metro. All these stores are along the way. Next time you come back from a day of DC sightseeing, consider stopping at one of our local stores.

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