Eggs and the perfect pairing

Welcome back to another wonderful blog by yours truly. Today lets talk eggs, breakfast and the perfect pairing. I guess we should start with the history of breakfast and how it has evolved over the years. Curious by nature as I am, I first looked at what constitutes breakfast. Well, it ranges from cold/hot cereal in America to the most common eggs, toast, and coffee. Looking at other regions of the world there’s a lot of fish (some fermented) being eaten for the first meal of the day. Rice, beans, an assortment of cured meats, sausages, nuts, berries, jam, and honey round out the top of the list of most common. and let’s not forget the tea. We at this historic Washington D.C. hotel LOVE breakfast. Not only it’s the most important meal of the day it can be fun and adventurous. For example, I made chocolate chip biscuits today. Yum.

Breakfast as we know it didn’t start until the industrial revolution when workers would need protein and complex fats (slow-burning fuel) to get them through the day. Before that, it consisted of two bigger meals. Dinner and Supper. There’s a very good, easy read on this from Bon Appetit. The Closet of Sir Kenelm Digby Knight Opened (1669) is maybe the first instance of recommended breakfast as the most important meal of the day.



As promised and I am no historian, let’s go-to pairing. Let us just focus on the eggs. Let’s focus on breakfast as a whole. Rose is the most common pairing considering its summer and if I get this wrong you can fry an egg on my head. Pinots, Blanc’s, chardonnays and grigios will close out the list for most common. But let’s take a moment and address reds. Yes everyone will have sparkling, vodka, orange juice, tomato juice, Worchester, soy sauce, tabasco, maybe some black pepper.

Now time for the semi-weekly challenge. American Guest House will have a chocolate chip biscuit for the winner of this week’s challenge. I might even throw in some chocolate gravy if tempranillo is used.

Next time lets talk autumn.






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