5th Annual Capital Dragon Boat Regatta at the Wharf in Washington DC

Come check out the newly finished Washington DC Southwest Waterfront at The Wharf.  It is the place to be on Saturday, August 25, 2018 for the Capitol Dragon Boat Regatta! The regatta is held on just this one day and is truly entertaining for both the athletes and spectators. We are especially excited to see the race being held at our newly developed waterfront, The District Wharf.  

The origin of Dragon boat racing is around 2,300 years old and the story is quite moving.  When a well-respected poet and statesman, Qu Yuan, became so disturbed by the corruption he witnessed in his country’s government, he spoke out with pleas for reformation and was consequently banished from his beloved Chinese Kingdom of Chu.  For years, he would continue to compose poems expressing his patriotism and deep love for the people.  Either as an act of despair or the ultimate protest against a corrupt government, Qu Yuan took his own life by throwing himself into the Mei Lo River (in today’s Hunan province).  Apparently, there were local fishermen who witnessed his desperate act and tried to save their patriotic poet.  They sailed up and down the river to search for him, desperately thrashing their oars on the water to scare off any hungry fish.  The grieving community continued to commemorate their beloved poet by throwing special rice dumplings into the water on the anniversary of his death.  

Today, paddlers continue to thrash the water, and we think there couldn’t be a better location than The District Wharf.  It has been called the most exciting neighborhood in the history of our nation’s capital and you need to come see it to believe it!  It is a free event, with plenty of on-site parking in various garages on the Wharf, all within 1-2 blocks of the race site.  Bring your friends down to enjoy one of the best restaurants in DC, go shopping or get on the water with your own racing team.  Check out the schedule for the races here.

It’s just a month away, so start planning now by booking your room with American Guest House, located in DuPont Circle and just a short 17 minute drive away from all the excitement on The Wharf.  You can also contact us at (202) 588-1180. We look forward to making your stay a memorable one!

Dark pink rose in a tall thin glass vase in front of a guest room window overlooking D.C.

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