DC’s National Air and Space Museum

I have always been fascinated by anything that lifts my feet off the ground. It’s a childhood fascination that hasn’t waned as I’ve gotten older. Luckily, Washington DC has a museum that caters to aerospace curiosity, and it’s the best in the country. The National Air and Space Museum is free to the public and located only a short distance from our Washington bed and breakfast. Check out some of the museum’s must-see features below:

  • Planetarium. Have you ever experienced the awe and wonder of a planetarium? You must visit the Albert Einstein Planetarium in the National Air and Space Museum. There are plenty of shows daily, no matter what age you are. 
  • Interactive Activities. What better way to learn than to take an active role in the process? The National Air and Space Museum has a variety of opportunities to take charge, whether it’s through the daily science demonstrations or take a virtual reality flight with one of the simulators
  • Exhibits. Interested in Cold War Aviation? Or the Apollo Moon Landing? The National Air and Space Museum is packed with displays of American ingenuity, competition, and craftsmanship. And don’t miss the huge collection of aircraft
  • Tours. The National Air and Space Museum is a spacious museum, and it can be beneficial to have a guide take you through the most important displays and exhibits. Check out the daily schedule or make a reservation here

So indulge in your curiosity and keep your eyes on the sky by visiting one of DC’s most popular museums, the National Air and Space Museum. Book a room at our Washington DC bed and breakfast now for unbeatable prices!


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