DC’s International Spy Museum

To many, espionage is the tantalizing storylines we read about in thrilling books, or the breath-quickening characters who dazzle us with their wits and gadgets on the big screen. But what is it like to be a spy, really?  

Uncover the secrets of espionage at the International Spy Museum in Washington, not far from our DC bed and breakfast. There is an exciting variety of activities and exhibits at the International Spy Museum. Check out some of them below: 

  • Interactive Experiences. At the International Spy Museum, many exhibits are much more exciting than your average museum’s. Fulfill your childhood dreams of becoming a real spy by adopting a cover, being admitted to the fictional country Khandar to speak to contacts and uncover code, or being sent out on a mission outside the museum walls. 
  • Astounding Collections. Want to see real-life spy gadgets used by real-life spies? Explore concealed cameras, ciphers, and cyanide. You never know what ordinary object could be hiding something useful in a pinch. 
  • Lectures & Seminars. Fascinating series are routinely held morning and night at the museum. Interested in the secret language of seduction in espionage? There’s a lecture for you. Find the art of interception and codebreaking irresistible? Check out this seminar series by the museum. 
  • Fictitious Fun. Who says the espionage in fiction isn’t worth exploring? See inside the world of Bond Villains, and watch real life operatives explain the overlaps between fiction and reality.  

So what are you waiting for? Book a room at our Washington Inn now and plan a visit to the International Spy Museum, one of DC’s greatest non-so-kept secrets. 

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