Washington DC’s Newseum

If you’re a news junkie who is fascinated about who makes the news and who writes it, the Newseum is perfect for you. In the world of news, stories are plucked out of the pinwheel of everyday life and reported to us in a way that has significance and relevance. Behind every story, no matter how objective, there are interesting forces at work with context, characters, confusion, and clout. At the Newseum, these forces are explored. Historical events are investigated and analysed and stories come to life in interactive media.

Here are some of the types of exhibits you can expect at the Newseum:

  • Inside Today’s FBI: This exhibit takes you behind the headlines of some of the FBI’s biggest cases. See the evolution of the FBI through a journalistic lens, exploring artifacts and investigative measures.
  • Berlin Wall Gallery: Experience the gripping tales of life behind the Berlin Wall and see how news traveled on either side of the wall, and through the wall. You’ll also get to see the largest unaltered portions of the wall outside of Germany.
  • The Bancroft Family Ethics Center: This exhibit is all about interactives. As a visitor, you get to step inside the shoes of real ethical dilemmas journalists must face in their lines of work. You can also challenge a friend to fast-paced games.
  • NBC News Interactive Room:  In this exhibit, visitors will be allowed to see themselves in charge, both in creating front-page news stories and reporting front-page news stories on television.
  • “Creating Camelot”: A favorite for many, this visual exhibit showcases more than 70 intimate and iconic photographs of John F. Kennedy, Jacqueline Kennedy, and their children. You even get to see original negatives of all images on display.

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