Why I Love Autumn in Washington D.C.

This is my first autumn at our DC B&B and my first autumn in Washington DC. Autumn is one of my favorite times of year, because right before the frost sets in, there’s a spark of warmth around the people, places, and things to do in Washington D.C. 

Pumpkin Spiced Lattes might be basic, but they come from a place I completely admire. Humans are really in-tune with their senses, and we’re good at associating a certain smell, a certain color, a certain feeling with something more abstract. When I think of autumn, I smell crisp air and spices, I taste warm, apple cider donuts, and I picture pumpkins and gourds and people wearing sweaters. I even think about getting a pumpkin spiced latte. And the reason is because these sensory anomalies remind us to appreciate and differentiate our changing environment. 

Prior to now, I spent my whole life in the Midwest, and moving here, I was worried that some of the feelings I associate with autumn and enjoy so much would be lost–it would be autumn, but it wouldn’t be the same, and that would make me miss my old home. But instead I found I love autumn in Washington DC just as much. I love going to Firehook bakery, where it smells like coffee and honeycrisp apple pie. I love walking past the row houses and embassies and seeing carved pumpkins on the doorsteps. I love that I can feel the cool air, not cool enough so that I can see my breath.. but almost, and comfortably wear my favorite, gray sweater to keep me warm. 

The leaves are turning fiery colors here in DC, and I can’t wait to see the old Capitol Columns against a backdrop of orange, yellows, and reds. Or get a breath of fresh air along the Rock Creek trails, the paths a carpet of fallen leaves. Halloween has past, but Thanksgiving is still ahead, and for the first time, I’ll be able to say I’m grateful for autumn in Washington DC. 

~Innkeeper Natalie 

Excellent Location in D.C.

We are excellently located in D.C. and just steps from Dupont Circle, National Geographic Museum, The National Mall, Embassy Row, The National Cathedral and so much more!