DC’s Best Coffee Shops

If you’re like me, your day can start without a strong cup of coffee. Upon moving to DC, my first goal was to scout out good coffee, and much to my relief, I found that DC abounds in exceptional coffee. Whether you prefer grabbing a quick cup to-go or enjoying many cups over breakfast or a book, DC has a spot for you. Our DC accommodation is located in the Northwest quadrant of the city, so most of my tastings have been consolidated to this area, but with the addition of friends’ suggestions, I’ve tried to comprise a list of four of the best cups of coffee around the city

  • Sweet Science – 1847 Columbia Rd NW – Tucked away below the steps of Lapis Bistro is a spacious, uniquely designed space that is perfect for a top-notch, freshly brewed cup of coffee. This underground coffee oasis utilizes a variety of brewing techniques to produce the highest quality cup of coffee possible. Although this precision may take a few extra minutes, you definitely won’t be disappointed. 
  • Dolcezza – (multiple locations) – My favorite iced coffee in the city. Dolcezza uses the delicious Stumptown Coffee beans to create their coffee, which is a guarantee for success. This cozy coffee nook is a wonderful place to grab your jolt of caffeine for the day. 
  • Philz – 1827 Adams Mill Rd NW – If you’re looking to get some variety in your coffee cup, head over to Philz for a flavorful, made-to-perfection cup of coffee. Philz is known for offering coffee flavors with both subtle hints of different flavors as well as their distinct specials, including their Mint Mojito flavor. 
  • Maketto 1351 H St NE – Situated within the communal food and fashion marketplace, Maketto brews their superb coffee with the local coffee roaster, Vigilante Coffee. It’s a cool, spacious atmosphere to enjoy your coffee that also offers scrumptious pastries and breads to accompany your coffee. 

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