The National Healthcare Coalition Preparedness Conference in taking place at the Washington DC Hilton form the 13th to the 14th of December near our Washington DC Inn. Make sure you join them on the opening reception of the 12th of December close to 5:00 pm. This means you will need to fly in earlier so you will be well rested for the big party. It will be a great time to network as well as get to know people that you’ve already established relationships with. After all it’s about having fun and learning!

The National Healthcare Coalition Preparedness Conference (NHCPC) provides growth in so many areas for its attendees. The expanding opportunities in areas like learning about the implementation of healthcare coalitions and coalition activities in local and also non local communities help foster leadership. Because getting involved is the best way to staying involved. As long as there is communication and passion, it can all take place. While the NHCPC supports coalitions attempting to meet HHS/ASPR HPP and CDC PHEP grant program requirements. However, this conference in 2016 is independent and exists for coalitions, by coalitions. This conference is unique in that it is celebrating its 5th year of continued opportunities for coalitions to connect and share their successes and lessons learned. Get involved and stay involved is the best way to always be prepared and influential in terms of change. After all, learning is part of passion but change comes from within. So take these steps to make it happen. And also partner with VEMC and National Pediatric Disaster Coalition for the National Healthcare Coalition Preparedness Conference.

Washington DC is a great experience for travel or business. There are many restaurants for you and your coworkers to delight in while away. The weather will be mild, so pack layers.

Hannah-Innkeeper at American Guest House, a Washington DC bed and breakfast

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