From October 17th to 19th 2015, the Washington Hilton Hotel in Washington DC will host the National Israeli-American Conference. The Israeli American Council (IAC) initiated this conference with the mission of fostering an engaged, educated, and united Israeli-American public so that the American-Jewish community as well as the State of Israel could become stronger. This three day conference will pack in many senior political and diplomatic figures, prominent policy experts, journalists, and other community leaders.

2014 honored guests from over 25 US States and 50 non-profit organizations included Israeli Minster Gilad Erdan, US Senator Joseph Lieberman, Governor Mitt Romney, and others. We’re not speculators, Tetlock put speculators to shame a decade ago—claiming career speculating humans are no better and in fact worse at speculating than dart-throwing monkeys—but given the current disarray in public opinion polls regarding the Executive Office’s recent deal with Iran and last year’s Conference speaker list, we’re curious if any of this year’s GOP candidates will be announced as speakers at the 2015 National Israeli-American Conference. In the meantime, we’ll be taking notes on candidate debating styles, refreshing the AIC Speakers page, and gently forecasting which speaker would best fit the Conference’s agenda.

The best things in life, like drying paint or the finalized primary candidates of both political parties are worth waiting for, but some of the best things won’t wait for you: register before September 1st and receive an incredible discount off of registration.

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