Trump is $27 million Dollars richer?!

Donald Trump is a man of many trades, real estate mogul, presidential candidate, and wall street shark? His stock market portfolio “went up in a relatively short period of time” and he supposedly made $27 millions to add to his $362 million annual income as of 2014. You may be wondering how did he make so much money so quickly, well he invested in 5 major companies that did very well in the past few years, they are Bank of America, Facebook, Boeing, Apple, and Best Buy.

He invested just under $ 5 million dollars in Bank of America with each share coming to about $7.00, and he just sold his shares for a total of $11 million, that is just over $16.00 a share. Boeing shares were sold for $137.40 and Donald Trump had bought 65,000 shares for $76.40,  that is a $3.96 million profit. Donald Trump took advantage of Facebook’s all time low in 2012 by buying their stocks at $19.35 a share, when he later sold his investment he made $5.79 million but if had held out until Wednesday he would have sold each stock at $89.76 a share. Donald invested $1.99 million into Best Buy and sold for $4.23 million giving him a $2.24 million dollar profit. Donald profited the least from Apple with his earning only coming to $1.11 million.

You may be thinking what does Donald Trump does with all that income, well he buys a Boeing 757. Lets see in the coming years if he makes another great play in the stock market and makes even more millions.

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