Pro-Israel conference AIPAC 2015

This March 1st to the 3rd at the Washington Convention Center, a short walk from our Washington DC inn, will be the Pro-Israel conference AIPAC America’s Pro-Israel Lobby. Registration for this event is now open. Thousands of activists will be there for a packed three days of important discussions and speakers. This is the AIPAC annual conference in which activists attend from all 50 states. A large college student population usually shows up, too. Over half the Senate and a third of the House of Representatives will be there. Club members will receive a discount upon their registration purchase price.

Come March, many important people will come out to support a frontline issue. With everything attending the news on Israel’s politics, now is perhaps the most influential time to come support the AIPAC lobby efforts.

Be prepared to show up early and reserve hotel accommodations prior to February. March has been known to be packed with tourist because of the Cherry Blossom Festival and warmer weather. Public transportation will be the wisest choice as parking is always limited.

Supporting causes outside of your spectrum helps remind all of us on how small we are in such a big world. But at the same time, we can make a difference united as one voice.

Hannah, innkeeper at American Guest House, a Washington DC bed and breakfast

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