Planning a visit to DC in 2015

Are you planning a vacation to the DC area?  Overwhelmed by all the things to see and do?  It can be daunting, but here are a few suggestions.

First, close your eyes and take a deep breath.  Now, take a poll of all the people going, to determine everyone’s likes and interests.  Is it the gardens/nature, animals, history, art, embassies, shopping, monuments, etc.  Find a website that gives you a large list of the attractions around the DC area such as this one.  Then, find a hotel or B&B that is fairly close to the attractions that you want to visit.  The advantage of a B&B is the nice, hot breakfasts that are included in your room rate.  Many of the attractions are close to our Washington DC accommodations.  With DC’s public transit infrastructure, it’s a speedy way to zip from one area of the National Mall to the other.

With your list of places to visit in hand, determine which ones are within reach.  Luckily, almost all of the Smithsonian Museums are free; time is what you may need more of.  In my experience, 4 days visiting the Smithsonian Museums, just isn’t enough time.  However, you can check a number of them off.

Sheila–Innkeeper at American Guest House, a Washington DC Bed and Breakfast


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