SchmooCon 2015

This January 16th to the 18th at the Washington Hilton, a block from our Washington DC hotel, the annual SchmooCon will take place. The SchmooCon is a think-tank for like minded people who share an interest in information security. This event is an east coast hacker convention. This first day consist of talks called One Track Mind and the following two days after are themed: Build it, Belay it, and Bring It On. Those attending can expect an exciting, original atmosphere filled with technology exploitation and inventive software and hardware solution. This is a popular event with limited space, so reserve your spot early as seats sell out fast.

The other day I was at a Seven Eleven buying something gross, like donuts, and my friend pointed to the ATM machine and told me never use convenient store ATMS. I asked her why and she said that is where hackers get their information from. I thought of all the times I hadn’t heeded this advice and what could have happened but thankfully hasn’t—someone knock on wood for me.

During a season of excessive shopping and sales, we can never be too careful in guarding our online safety and credit card information. SchmooCon can protect those that participate with the proper tools to make sure we don’t become another victim.

Hannah–Innkeeper at American Guest House, a Washington DC Bed and Breakfast

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