This spacious, bright and inviting private single bedroom at our Washington DC bed and breakfast features a double with a very comfortable firm mattress. Amenities include a tiled floor, large beautiful floral green rug, and an all-white private en suite bathroom. This room is located on the lower basement level, near the back of the building with a limited backyard view. Some noise may be heard during breakfast hours since this room is located below the dining room. We do not have an elevator but are happy to carry your luggage down the flight of stairs.

  • Room 114 in a Washington DC B&B
  • Room 114 bed in a Wasington DC Bed and Breakfast
  • Decorative Fireplace in Room 114 - Washington DC Inn


  • Double Bed
  • Single Occupancy
  • Private En Suite Bath
  • Decorative Fireplace
  • Mini Fridge
  • Basement Room
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