18th St Shops Along my Walk

Part of my evening is always walking around the local neighborhood. Today I wanted to feature three stores that I like to stop by when I am out. All these stores are on 18th Street.

Lost City Books

This is our nearby used bookstore. They house every genre on their two floors, and the sections are organized and labeled clearly. A favorite section of mine is the vintage sci-fi and fantasy novels. These make a light read. In addition to books, they sell some of the weirdest postcards I have seen –  perfect for reminding an eclectic friend how much you love them.

Meeps Vintage

Sometimes the same aesthetic can start to get you down. If so, you should stop by Meeps Vintage. The clothing is unique and is sure to add originality to your wardrobe. The clothing selection changes regularly, so it is always fun to pop in and see what is new. In addition, they have a costume room at the back of the store.

Smash! Records

This shop is dedicated to punk and indie music. They have a large collection on vinyl, CDs and even some tapes. It’s a perfect place to skim through albums and see what catches your eye. Music history buffs will enjoy the book section at the front of the store. They also sell clothing in line with the aesthetic of the store.

During your next stay at our Washington, DC inn, stop by these stores on 18th street. It is the perfect way to wind down an evening of your vacation in Washington, DC.

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