Rotating Interactive Art Exhibits – A DC Must See!

Living in a connected world

The power of social media these days is not to be underestimated. I was scrolling through my personal Instagram feed the other day before seeing a friend in the city. Our plans were relatively low-key, hoping to meet at a local taco joint followed by a stroll around town. Before getting there, I saw a post that piqued my interest. It was a video of a modern looking space lined with screens running from floor to ceiling. People were stationed around the room directing the flow of these flowers featured on the screens. Not fully understanding what this was, I suggested paying a visit after dinner. A few tacos later and a scooter ride across the city, we found ourselves in front of “Artechouse.” According to their website, this is an “innovative art space dedicated to showcasing experiential and technology-driven works.”

Needless to say, I was intrigued by the local D.C. art scene.

“In Peak Bloom”

Upon walking in, we were led downstairs after a brief introduction to the current exhibit “In Peak Bloom.” This exhibit comments on the fleeting aspect of the cherry blossom tree’s existence. Here for only but a moment, these artists extend the tree’s lifespan within a digital realm. This allows visitors to experience the love and beauty of such a special D.C. tradition even past their peak bloom.

When entering the first room, lighting is scarce save for what emanates from the floor-to-ceiling screens. This first section of the exhibit allows individuals to direct the flow of the featured flowers shown on the screen. Using high-tech sensors, anybody can send the blossoms around the room using simple arm movements. Moving our hands upwards, the flowers took their cue and followed. When bringing your hands to heart-center, the flowers concentrate in the middle of the screen awaiting further instruction. It is truly an experience allowing for direct interaction and complete immersion into the technological art realm.

Another portion of the exhibit features circular sensor pads situated next to another screen showing a barren cherry blossom tree. Stepping onto one pad, you will be instructed to hold hands with somebody next to you. My friend and I grasped each other lightly and waited. The empty tree suddenly comes to life, flowers blooming upon the barren branches in more abundance the longer we held onto each other. We then were told to embrace one another only to see petals fall from the screen. Becoming submerged into a technological art escape, my friend and I were in complete awe of what we just became a part of.

This exhibit is family friendly but it’s good to note that after 7 PM, it turns into 21 only where you can experience some of their hand-crafted cocktails.

Art, Technology, and Innovation

Not only does this exhibit provide an opportunity for an interactive art experience, but it also allows for important human connection to take place. Highlighting a local tradition, Artechouse pairs art with technology in an innovative and admirable way. Since opening in 2017, this art space and has seen over 350,000 visitors. 12 different exhibits have been featured all with a strong focus on connecting their audiences to the arts. They do this by bridging the gap between technology, science, and creativity. “In Peak Bloom” will be around until May 27, 2019, with a new exhibit to surely follow. When planning your visit to D.C., consider visiting Artechouse for an unforgettable adventure into the arts that goes deeper into the human experience.

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