Great Falls Billy Goat Trail – A Hidden Gem!


If you’re choosing between a trip to the nations’ capital and a trip to the outdoors, why not combine the two? By lodging in D.C., you’ll become one of the few people to know of the Great Falls Billy Goat trail. Situated only 16.5 miles outside of Washington, D.C., you can experience the best of both worlds. This hidden gem is a trail offering a scenic walk along the C&O canal and immersion into the natural world. After strolling along the canal, you’ll find yourself at the entrance to Billy Goat Trail A. Once entering the trail you’ll be overwhelmed by the greenery, rocks and rushing water. For most of the hike, you will be making your way through the trail climbing rock formations while listening to the sounds of the rushing river and chirping birds. This is frequented by D.C., Maryland and Virginia locals so you will be able to meet and chat with other hikers along the way.

Walking up you’ll find a point to look out among the sweeping rapids, overwhelming greenery and sunshine falling on all the right places for a picture-perfect experience. While it is highly discouraged to get in the water, there is plenty of space to climb to the top of the rocks, set up for a picnic and enjoy the stunning views of the natural landscape. There are a variety of access points to the Great Falls Park, but to enjoy maximum benefits we suggest heading to the parking lot situated along MacArthur Boulevard. This lot is right across from Old Anglers Inn. As D.C. insiders, we’re here to tell you why we recommend this section of the park over all others.



When accessing the trail at this point you can find free parking. Let’s be real, who doesn’t appreciate saving a buck or fifteen. Secondly, remember Old Anglers Inn we mentioned just a minute ago? This prized restaurant is a hikers haven providing a place to reset after a long trek. Once finished, you’ll be feeling a little tired, a little hungry wanting some reprieve. What’s better than being able to walk right across the street to grab a bite to eat and a drink to sip on? Nothing’s better than that in our book.

This spot, frequented by locals, offers all-American cuisine and good vibes. While you can make a reservation for a table inside, we highly recommend sitting outside in their quaint beer garden. This will give you a taste of what we call “hiker’s happiness”. Here you can find frequent live music, a variety of foods ranging from veggie quesadillas, burgers, salads and more. Their happy hour goes from Monday through Friday between 4:30 and 6:30 PM. Imagine spending an evening on your friend’s patio surrounded by greenery, listening to live music from D.C. locals while rejuvenating from a beautiful hike. It doesn’t get much better than that.


Book at the American Guest House and we can direct you to the trail offering the best advice on transportation, what to bring and more. We like to give information that will make you feel like a local lodging in D.C., so call us today for your next Washington DC getaway. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

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