Cultural Enlightenment, Just a Walk Around the Corner in Our DuPont Circle Neighborhood

White 3 story mansion on Embassy RowPeople love to travel the world to get to know new cultures; but they may not realize the opportunity to appreciate our global community lies right here in Washington, DC. You will find that DC is a first-rate location to get away and connect with people of different backgrounds and cultural perspectives. Millions of visitors find their way to our great city for this very reason. Wouldn’t you like to be enriched by new cultures?  Our neighborhood, DuPont Circle, is centrally located and within easy walking distance of most of DC’s favorite attractions. Here are a few ideas to warm you up for a visit.

Statue of Nelson Mandela in front of the South African Embassy

Did you know that Massachusetts Avenue, just around the corner from the Guest House, is also known as Embassy Row? You can walk down the street to find beautiful mansions, which house many of the embassies found in Washington DC. Particularly striking are the Nelson Mandela statue, outside of the South African Embassy, and the lush manicured gardens of the British Embassy. A statue of Winston Churchill appears to wave at Mandela from across the street, and can make for quite a memorable photo! If you want to make your trip to DC a particularly enriching cultural experience, you can reach out and request a tour of these embassies. Each embassy’s website will have information on how to plan ahead for your visit.

The autumn season will soon be upon us here in Washington, DC, and our arms are open wide towards cooler temperatures, which bring the golden glow of firelit evenings and the crisp fresh air. When you want to warm up, have you considered sipping a bit of Cognac? Maybe the label on the bottle has you puzzled? You don’t have to travel to Cognac, France to learn how to taste and enjoy Cognac. The perfect Cognac Tasting event is located just around the corner from American Guest House and will teach you the joys of drinking and tasting good Cognac. On Wednesday night, September 26, 2018, Alliance Française de Washington DC invites you to a cognac tasting event with a local specialist from the esteemed Calvert Woodley Importers.  As the leading center for French language and French culture within the Nation’s Capital, the location is apropos!

Historic building decorated with intricate mosaic tile, beautiful hand-painted art, and imported rugs and tapestries.

Also on Massachusetts Ave, nestled between several beautiful middle eastern embassies, is the Islamic Center of Washington, DC. This historic building features an ornate white tower, and the interior is decorated with intricate mosaic tile, beautiful hand-painted art, and imported rugs and tapestries. They open their doors to visitors of all faiths and also offer tours and classes focusing on Islamic culture, architecture, language, and the arts. These tours must be booked in advance, but you will be greeted warmly and welcomed into the center with open arms.

These are just a few of the many culturally enriching, and often hidden, attractions located steps from American Guest House. Interested in other area attractions? We can help you with forming your personal itinerary. Call us at (202) 588-1180 or reserve your favorite room at the American Guest House today.  


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