Embassy Tours During Passport DC 2018

During the month of May, visitors to the nation’s capital are granted the opportunity to not only experience Washington, DC, but also visit over 40 different countries.  In a month-long event titled, Passport DC, countless embassies, many of which are located less than 10 minutes from our DC Bed & Breakfast, open their doors to the general public.  This ode to DC’s unique cultural diversity includes a remarkable list of events. Whether it be waltzing at the elaborate Austrian embassy, enjoying a succulent raclette dinner at the Swiss diplomatic residence, or even petting a llama at the Peruvian embassy, there is something for everyone during Passport DC.  This event takes place throughout North West DC, in some of the districts most historic and beautiful neighborhoods. Some highlights of the month-long event are detailed below:

  • May 5, Around the World Embassy Tour – A truly global experience, this event is a genuine testament to DC’s diplomatic community and includes outstanding events at almost all of the district’s embassies.  
  • May 12, European Union Embassies’ Open House – Attention all europhiles!  Take your very own day-long “eurotrip” as DC’s European embassies host open-house events during Passport DC.  
  • May 17, Embassy Chef Challenge – This genuine culinary experience pays tribute to fantastic international cuisine as well as one of DC’s closely guarded secrets – its spectacular embassy chefs!
  • May 19, Fiesta Asia! Street Festival –  This day-long festivity commemorates Asian Heritage Month and includes various cultural experiences such as performing arts, culinary delights and artisan crafts.



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