Ice Skating in Washington DC

This time of year, you’re not doing the season justice if you don’t go ice skating at least once. I used to love going ice skating with my family when I was little. I’d wear a big puffy coat, zipped all the way up to my chin, as my armor, and my sisters and I would hold hands, wobbling across the ice. My parents thought it was cute, but we were really just making sure if one of us fell, the others would go down with us. After our ankles were pleasantly sore and our cheeks were pink, we’d take off our skates and get hot chocolate with mini marshmallows and extra whipped cream at a cafe nearby. 

With lodging at our DC inn, you can hit the town for a nostalgic get together with friends or family and check out a nearby ice skating rink. Each rink has its own charm and perks. The following are some of DC’s greatest:

Washington Harbour Ice Rink: Located in Georgetown, this is the perfect spot for a cozy night out. It’s the largest outdoor ice rink in DC, and right along the Potomac River. After skating, you can warm up with a hot beverage at one of the many rink-side restaurants or explore the plaza. This rink is open now through March. 

National Gallery of Art Sculpture Garden Rink: Located in a park near the monuments, this rink is great for those who want to simultaneously experience DC, art, and skating. There are large-scale sculptures by fantastic contemporary artists for you to gaze at, and the Pavilion Cafe offers self service with both indoor and outdoor seating. And DC’s greatest attractions are just a winter’s stroll away!

Silver Spring Outdoor Ice Skating Rink: Located in downtown Silver Spring, this is the best place to take the whole family. This rink offers skate aids for children shaped like penguins, and is surrounded by shops and restaurants. Not only is it metro accessible, but there is also plenty of parking nearby–parking is free after 8pm on weeknights and all day on weekends!

Ice skating, no matter how good you are at it, is a great bonding activity for friends, family, or significant others. Whether you’re a local, or visiting DC, check out a DC ice skating rink and embrace the season. 

~Innkeeper Natalie 

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