Ted’s Bulletin: A Delightful DC Diner

Comfort, nostalgia, and whimsy greet you at the revolving door of Ted’s Bulletin, and upon entrance the scent of freshly baked pies and pop tarts assures you that your dining experience will be divine. Since 2010, Ted’s Bulletin has been a gathering place for DC locals to enjoy comfort foods as they watch TV classics, such as “I Love Lucy”, be projected on the wall and play on tube television sets. But perhaps the most enticing part of DC’s Ted’s Bulletin is the fact that breakfast is served all day. That’s right – those pancakes, homemade pop tarts, and cinnamon rolls can be your breakfast, lunch and/or dinner!

As you make your way through the restaurant you’ll find retro bar stools where you can sit for a solo drink or meal, and the spacious diner-style booths that provide a cozy place for your comforting meal. In reviewing the menu, you’ll notice that comfort food is king at Ted’s. They’re best known for their delectable grilled cheese & tomato soup made from a family recipe and served in abundance. For dessert, be sure to try one of their various shakes they offer and serve up in a large milkshake glass. Your diner experience wouldn’t be complete without it! And before you leave, get a big to-go box for their pastries – they’re best known for their homemade pop tarts. 

How did Ted’s Bulletin begin? The idea for the family-style restaurant originated from the sons of West Virginia native and comfort food aficionado, Ted Neal. Ted’s sons, Marc and Ty, established Ted’s Bulletin to bring the hometown feeling, lively atmosphere, and tomato soup recipe to DC, as their dad had for the hometown locals. 


Ted’s Bulletin is located near the bustling 14th & U St area at 1818 14th St – just one mile from our DC Inn

Shannon Stiles, Innkeeper at American Guest House

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