Awaken the Dawn in Washington DC

Washington DC has hundreds of diverse gatherings each year, whether on the National Mall, in Convention halls, or on the streets. Being the Nation’s Capitol, it is a significant place to make your voice heard or to turn your mission into a movement. If you think back to the many gatherings that have taken place on the National mall, their are so many of importance to our nation. Thousands gathered for Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I have a dream” speech, 1 million men gathered on the National Mall in 1997, numerous Million Man Marches, and all of the Presidential Inaugurations.

No matter what race, if your rich or poor, what side of the isle you sit on, or where you live I think that there is one thing that we can agree on, America is at a crossroads. This October 6-9 Awaken the Dawn will be held on the National Mall with 50 tents, representing each state, with one sound worshiping Jesus and asking Him for change in our nation.

In Awaken the Dawn’s mission statement, “We are calling the nation to the National Mall gathering as one voice from all backgrounds, not around speakers, but around the presence of God and the worth of Jesus,  around the invisible God knowing that he will respond.” This gathering is also during the Feast of Tabernacles when all of Israel would gather to their nation’s capital in tents, as Succat Hallel in Jerusalem will be doing a tent gathering in Israel during the same dates.

This is a free event starting at 6:00 pm October 6th, if you are looking for a great place to stay while you’re attending ATD, our DC Inn is situated in the upscale Kalorama neighborhood and is within a 10-minute walk from the DuPont Metro Station. We are surrounded by DuPont Circle, Adams Morgan, and Woodley Park neighborhoods, and are only a mile from the White House. We are located in the heart of DC, with great restaurants, shops, parks, and museums all within walking distance.

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