U.S. Energy Information Agency 2017 Energy Conference

For years, our country and many other countries around the world were built and developed by all kinds of energy sources. Today, we find ourselves in interesting times for the energy sector, with the debate between fossil fuels and renewable methods. Just this week, President Donald Trump pulled out of the Paris Climate Agreement, spicing this debate up even more. The U.S. Energy Information Administration will be hosting its 2017 Energy Conference June 26-27 at the Washington Hilton, just a short 5 minute walk from our Washington DC Lodging.

What is the U.S. Energy Information Administration? The U.S. Energy Information Administration or EIA for short, is an independent body that analyzes and collects energy information to promote sound policy-making, public understanding of energy and its role in the economy, and efficient markets. It also takes into account energy’s possible effects of  on the environment. EIA has helped shape legislation and bring about real and lasting change for over 38 years.

The 2017 Energy Conference is going to be an opportunity that you don’t want to miss. At the conference you will hear from featured leaders from the coal, petroleum, natural gas, electric, renewable, nuclear energy sectors and researchers finding energy solutions, and entrepreneurs pushing the latest energy technologies. There will be more than forty expert, well known, keynote speakers including Congressman Greg Walden, Chairman of the Energy and Commerce Committee and Scott Sheffield, Executive Chairman of the Board at Pioneer Natural Resources. There will be many chances for you to connect and learn, whether you work in the energy sector or are interested in it, this conference will be a great opportunity for you.

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