How to tour the Capitol Building in Washington DC

Have you ever wanted to learn more about the history of our great nation? Have you ever wanted to walk the halls that our founding fathers walked? In Washington DC, there is lots of history, but the Capitol Building stands alone with its richness still growing each day. 

The first step with getting to tour this amazing building is looking up which congressman or senator covers your district or state. You can visit the official website of Congress to enter your zip code in a search tab and find this quick and easy. After finding your member, go to their website to request a tour under the services tab, and click tours. Most member websites are easy to use and in just a few clicks you will be on your way.

When you get to Washington, head into one of three House of Representative office buildings, or one of two Senate office buildings. The staff will lead you on a tour to first the Congressional Visitor Center (CVC), which was built in 2008 as the entrance for millions of visitors to the Capitol building each year. Be sure to check out the museum at the back of Emancipation hall which has many different artifacts. The next place you will enter is the Old Supreme Court Chamber which is loaded with history, including being the place where Thomas Jefferson was inaugurated twice.

You will get to see the Crypt, the Old Senate Chamber, Statuary Hall and last but not least, the Rotunda, in all its beauty. You may even get a chance to lay eyes or even talk to one of the 435 Representatives or 100 Senators. Just to know you are walking in the same halls that those who built our nation walked in will have you feeling a bit in awe.

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