AEFP 42nd Annual Conference 2017

The Association for Education Finance and Policy (AEFP) is holding its 42nd Annual Conference this year at the Washington Hilton, near our Washington DC bed and breakfast, from March 16th-18th. AEFP is a non-profit academic and professional organization that represents a variety of viewpoints, all with the common mission to promote understanding of means by which resources are generated and used in order to enhance learning. This year’s conference theme is Education Policy and Research in the Post-Obama Era, which will focus on how the shift of leadership will affect education policy. Additionally, attendees will take a look at the research trends and discuess those that our education policy-makers need to become aware of.

What can you expect at AEFP 2017? In order to have an in-depth conversation about policies, there will be many engaging roundtables and sessions to discuss the challenges the country is faced with in education finance and policy. There will be both paper and non-paper (panel) sessions that will allow for an interactive and open dialogue about the current state of education policy and the changes that can be made. The paper sessions will consist of attendees presenting their papers that they proposed to the audience. Following the presentation, the chair will ask some questions and open the discussion up to the audience. In addition to the many learning and discussion opportunities, one of the main goals of AEFP 2017 is to provide a place for professional networking and forming new relationships.

To attend the AEFP 2017 you must be a member of AEFP, however you can register to become a member when registering for the conference. Tickets for AEFP member are $60 for students and $100 for regular members. If you register before February 1st, tickets (which include a 1-year membership and journal subscription) are $250 for students and $430 for regular membership. After February 1st, tickets are $300 for students and $480 for regular membership.

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