CUPA-HR 2016

The College and University Professional Association for Human Resources will gather from September 25th to the 27th at the Washington Hilton—across from our Washington DC B&B.  Higher HR professionals and colleges and universities from across the nation are recognized at this convention. This year’s awards will be presented at the conference.

Membership is primarily post-secondary institution-based for this organization. Organizations and companies that are not post-secondary institutions can also join, but under a different set of membership terms. It’s best to research your options and connect with current membership contacts. However, those interested that are not of the above mentioned categories, individuals can join as a retiree, student or transitional member. You can also look online at their website on how membership works. They’ve an excellent Q&A page that eliminates most pending questions, or potential questions that you may have.

The College and University Professional Association for Human Resources honor their commitments, and they make decisions that are for the benefit of their members.  Their core value and ethics are what help them stand out in a positive way. They take pride in how responsive they are to their member’s needs. This is an important value to have, as most know how frustrating it can be to feel ignored or unattended to. So it’s important to uphold this value, along with others, as The College and University Professional Association for Human Resources does. Any inquiries and requests are responded to in a timely fashion. And if you’ve a different point of view or perspective, don’t be shy to speak your mind, because they take interest in current, and future, members’ opinions and decisions.

Have a great time at this conference. As it will be in the cooler season, and end of summer, you can pack light, but still bring some layers.

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