Annual Friendship Institute Training

Being a great friend takes time and effort. But the reward is always worth the effort. Studies have shown that the happiest people in the world are those that have meaningful relationships with friends and family. Sometimes it can be hard to navigate in this territory on how to be a good friend. We all need a little help and guidance in this department, whether it is through books, counselling, and life lessons and more, it can never hurt to get the tips of the trade. That is why you should attend the Annual Friendship Institute Training event on August 11th to the 13th at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center.

There is no better time to practice being a great friend near our Washington DC Inn. August is the perfect time to get out and enjoy some great weather and take your lesson plans with you. During each day on instruction, perhaps take a walk or have lunch in the park with people you’re attending the event with. This isn’t just a 3-day discussion but one that can be carried out past the premise of the convention center. Take the instruction given and try participating in active dialogue with give-and-take conversation. This is one way to learn to be a great friend, because you’re learning to hear the other person but also have your voice be heard.

We all want to matter in our life as well as the life of others. This can be achieved in many ways, but there is a great attribute to being able to connect with another human on levels of humor, social awareness, intellect, and suffering. It seems silly, but being a great friend helps make the world a better place for yourself and those around you.

Hannah, innkeeper at American Guest House, a Washington DC bed and breakfast

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