Alzheimer’s Association Advocacy Forum 2016

Well looks like things will be getting even busier near our Washington DC hotel. Don’t believe me? Ok well if you’ve kept up on our blogs, you’ll know just how pact things can get in the city in spring. With that fact, Alzheimer’s Association Advocacy Forum is kicking things up an extra notch. From April 4th to the 6th will be their annual meeting at the Washington Marriott Wardman Park. Registration is now open for this event!

This is the Nation’s premier event in Alzheimer’s awareness and advocacy. This forum helps advance the fight against this devastating disease.

Many have been touched by Alzheimer’s. Whether you have suffered, or have a family member that suffers, it’s a horrible illness that robs life. However, let’s not be discouraged because new approaches and methods are being developed to push back. The program kicks off with a session for advocates living with dementia. From there, first-timers can attend a program on how to be effective in the battle against Alzheimer’s. And as the days go on, the venue gets even more exciting with speakers and AIM members.

Get your purple out, because come this April, members and non-members will join together to take back the health of those we treasure the most.

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