Thanksgiving 2015

Are you a procrastinator? It’s ok to admit it, because we all are in one way or another. But unfortunately with the holidays approaching, being a procrastinator in the kitchen never turns out well. Especially considering the pressure that’s applied to turning out fabulous meals, with the hair of a super model, in no time at all. And considering that cooking, for some, can be about as fun as a Library is to a teenager, we feel that tips are in order to shorten your kitchen time. These tips are around the holiday that brings out the worst of us in the kitchen: Thanksgiving.

Preparing the night before can shave off a chunk of stress. Organize appetizers that can be prepped before and assembled at the time of the event. Examples of these are things like deviled eggs, vegetable platters, spinach dip, or a tray of seasonal cookies (dusted with sugar or warmed up when guests arrive).

Even if you have to cheat a bit—and we won’t tell—and buy the store-bought frozen pies or premade stuffing, burn some cinnamon on the stove to give family the illusion of cooking for hours. (But, you may want to hide any evidence, of purchased goods, in the garage!)

For big crowds, don’t go crazy over making individual servings. Create a great back-off like hash brown casserole or stuffed crepes. You can refrigerate these dishes days in advance and then put in the oven for Thanksgiving brunch.

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