2015 BWW Winter Conference

Organizing an effective meeting requires knowledge of psychology, social networking, and primarily people skills – particularly for managers who are expected to produce beneficial outcomes through their employees. Many corporations tap into services offered by motivational speakers in order to offer insight into how people are driven to succeed in their careers. Any employee can face a host of issues at the workplace, and getting through them can be difficult. Often it takes new ideas on how to deal with adversity at the workplace, and motivational speakers can give people new insight into different ways of thinking about difficult issues.




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BWW provides leadership solutions to emerging managers and business leaders. Small businesses often lack the resources to tap into a large network of leaders and acquire the know how to succeed. For this reasons, organizations like BWW step in to offer services to businesses that either don’t have the resources available or don’t know how to exploit them.

BWW is meeting at the Marriot Wardman Park – just a short walk from our Washington DC bed and breakfast – for a motivational seminar and networking event that will focus on improving outcomes at the workplace. The conference will take place January 22nd – 26th. We hope to see some of the attendees around our breakfast table during the conference.

Marco Gonzales, Innkeeper at American Guest House, a Washington DC bed and breakfast

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