2014 Venetian Ball at the Italian Embassy

Before law school I was working at a visa agency, walking to the embassies around D.C. and picking up visas for U.S. citizens and foreigners seeking to travel to various countries. Many of the embassies are mansions that were converted in the twentieth century to serve a variety of consular functions. The visa offices are usually a small section of the building, cordoned off from the majestic main entryways and ballrooms. However, there are a variety of events that allow visitors to hang out in the areas of the embassies that are typically off limits to visitors.


(Photo in the public domain)

Some embassies host parties and welcome guests into ballrooms and other guest quarters. On October 4th, for just $89 – $115, visitors can spend a night partying at the elegant and modern Italian Embassy, which is about a twenty-five minute walk from our D.C. Inn. Student ticket prices are available at a discount rate of $64. Admission includes an open bar, a myriad of classic Italian desserts – including tiramisu, canolis, biscotti, and Apricot Occhio, among others –  a sampling of Italian opera, a classical music concert, and a late night DJ and dance party. The event will bring together those interested in Italian culture and others interested in hanging out in a fancy building for a night. Check into our D.C. inn before you head out and stumble back to snuggle up a comfortable bed.

Marcos, Innkeeper at American Guest House, a Washington DC Bed and Breakfast

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