Thank You Google!

I just had to post this because Google is just SUPER! and getting even better each day.  Too bad I don’t own any of their stocks, I would certainly make a bundle.  Anyway, I just noticed that Google added a add on my Google Places listing, however, Google added my URL so that prospective customers looking for accommodations in Washington DC can choose which website they would like to reserve from, American Guest House’s web site  or’s website.

Google – You are awesomely fair.

Unfortunately, I can not say the same for because they advertise not only, but also and others on my TripAdvisor paid business listing without giving me the opportunity to compete with their advertisers, please remember that these advertisers are occupying space on my paid listing; of course they don’t show my URL but worse still,  instead they imply that there are no rooms available at my Washington DC Lodging and entice prospective customers to check other hotels.

Lucia, Innkeeper
American Guest House in Washington DC

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