Looking for a Quick Crepe Recipe?

A twist in a traditional American breakfast could use a batter of Crepe mix. All you need is some flour, eggs, milk and a hint of oil and salt.

A recipe I found to be perfect for few crepe’s at the breakfast table is:

1 1/2 Cups of Milk

1 Cup of Flour

2 Eggs

A Pinch of Salt and a Tablespoon of Oil.

Mix Ingredients well for a smooth liquidy texture. Try to avoid a lumpy batch.  Add milk if it’s too thick and flour if its to liquidy.  Test run your batter on a flat lightly buttered round pan.

Add eggs, sliced mushrooms, choice of meat bits and veggies for an amazing dish.  I recommend to scramble your eggs first and sautee your veggies separately and mix them once separately cooked.  If you are not a mushroom fan, this dish is sure to change your mind.


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