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Welcome to our Washington DC Bed and Breakfast

You may think you’re just searching for lodging in Washington DC but are you really searching for a temporary home away from home on your business trip, holiday, or convention visit in Washington, DC to make your experience more comfortable and delicious? This Washington DC Inn’s complimentary breakfast specials are the staple of our DC bed and breakfast because they allow our guests to begin their days with the aroma of warm blueberry muffins filling the dining room as they share an intimate story sharing experience or a debriefed comparison of the different convention sessions they attended the day before. Conveniently located a block north of the Washington Hilton and The Churchill Hotels in Dupont Circle, and neighbors of the Russian Cultural Centre, our urban Washington DC bed and breakfast has seen the seasons, decades, and generations come and go, and how to make your stay most comfortable and relaxed, we know.

A slice of American History

Don’t let our complimentary WiFi equipped inn mislead you, our grand wooden staircase—now adorned with gorgeous presidential photos and American historical artifacts—and wooden walls date back to 1898. Built to house the Counsellor of the French embassy, Count Peretti della Rocca, American Guest House’s architecture was meticulously composed by Arthur Cowsill, the very same general contractor of Union Station. We honour our home’s history by making it your home away from home so that you too may actively participate and build upon its history, admiring the selected artifacts in each room’s secretary, vintage colorful fireplaces, and historical artifacts scattered throughout the home.

We upkeep a friendly and calm environment with homemade cookies and granola and down to earth innkeepers who offer expert concierge services, restaurant suggestions, and general philosophical intrigue.

Why our Bed and Breakfast in DC?

We take pride in our eco-friendly habits, allergen free cleanliness, and dietary accommodations across the supply chain. We are proud to use only Gilchrest and Soames products because they too focus on eco-friendly practices across the supply chain. We keep a no-pet and no-smoking policy and wash linens and towels in scented-free detergent in order to keep our home fresh and allergen free for you.

We ask for a notice ahead of time in case you have any dietary restrictions or preferences because we do wish to make the most delightful custom breakfast for you. To do this we cook with season fruits and vegetables so stay with us in the summer and autumn and watch our homemade granola shift from a pecan cranberry to an almond broccoli flavor (just kidding, that was just for those at home who know and love their October vegetables, although if you ask ahead of time…).

Upon arrival, request your complimentary cold bottle of water and help yourself to subsequent water from our dining room pitcher thereafter because your hydration and health is our top priority.

Your peace is also our top priority, which is why we observe quiet hours from 9pm to 8am (and we observe them very calmly, in case they begin to squirm out of their defined boundaries), so that you can be rested for your big morning. And rested you will be with our cool pillows and cool temperature (with custom fan and or AC adjustment).

Room Rates and Room Sizes

Offering four (4) single occupancy rooms and eight double occupancy rooms ranging from $159 to $219 + tax per night wasn’t enough for our generous hosts. Available throughout August, ask us about our special $150 double room web special availability at our boutique urban Washington DC B&B. If sterile corporate rooms are not your cup of tea, make yourself a chai or Earl Grey cup of tea at our b&b instead. Kick off your shoes and fall back into a comfortable and cozy bedroom that is surprisingly still located in the center of DC on the quiet Columbia Rd NW among Embassies and restaurants of every type and attraction. When you wake up from your nap and find complimentary hot breakfasts, WiFi, Luggage Storage, and delightful conversations in your itinerary, pinch yourself, you’re not dreaming, you’re soaking in the American Guest House experience.


Washington, DC deserves to be properly explored and we want to ensure you don’t miss your chance to do so. American Guest House is pleased to offer guests a 30% discount off of the best hop-on, hop-off sightseeing experience Washington DC has to offer. Take advantage of this new low Big Bus Tour price today by speaking to an innkeeper.

Save 18$ off of the All Loops 48 Hours Tour (reg. $59) which includes admission to the Madam Tussaud Museum and a Potomac River Cruise.

Save $15 off of the All Loops 24 hours Tour (reg. $49 adult, $29 child) which includes admission only to the Madam Tussaud Museum.

What’s for Breakfast?

When travelers hear “complimentary breakfast” they imagine a Washington DC Hotel Free Breakfast plate of miniature stale blueberry muffins and burnt coffee with creamer that just won’t mix to the proper chestnut color that signifies a proper coffee has been made. We are not that complimentary breakfast hotel, our breakfasts are complimentary because they’re complimented and compliment-worthy. Our breakfast specials cater to your level of relaxation; if you have a routine, we’ll help you keep it, if you’re a whole-wheat fitness buff, we’ll help keep you whole, if you’re on vacation and aren’t counting the minutes on the clock or the calories on the plate, we’ll help you indulge. Your hunger is the key to our laboratory of delicious and nutritious concoctions and creations.

Our Innkeepers and Outkeepers

Our innkeepers keep the inn safe, quiet, comfortable, and delicious while wearing an ‘outkeeping’ hat to help you navigate throughout Washington, DC so that you can explore every hidden crevice the city has to offer (note: the ‘outkeeping’ hat may not be a physical hat and even if it is it may not be worn at all times, but know it is always worn on the inside). Here from 5.30 to 10.30pm, should you have any troubles or exciting thoughts to share, our innkeepers are your source of comfort and problem solving help. Contact them on the resident phone at any odd hour of the night, because rest assured, they manage the home even while you’re sleeping.


All work and no play makes Jill a lackluster businesswoman for most of the day. If you’ve been toeing the thinly drawn slowly vanishing line between work and play—stop, you’re a business professional, admire ballet, don’t practice it (involuntarily)—let this Bed and Breakfast near Dupont Circle help you unwind yourself at night with a game of chess and a glass of wine in the parlor before you wind yourself back up the next morning.

By being located less than 0.1 miles from the Washington Hilton hotel, 0.8 miles from the Omni Shoreham Hotel, 0.8 miles from the Wardman Park Marriott, and 1.6 miles from the Walter E Washington Convention Center, our Washington DC Bed and Breakfast is close enough to provide you with an easy commute but far enough to give you a sanctuary of restful slumber where your troubles become moot.

We honor your time in hopes you’ll honor our dime. Take any snack, refreshment, or fax that you please, as long as you place into the honor system box your due fees.

Washington DC Government Per Diem Rates for DC is $222 plus $71 for Expenses and Incidentals.  Our most expensive room rate is $219 and includes a free hot breakfast. View our exact room rates by checking our availability.

AUG    SEP     OCT      NOV
$162    $222    $222     $222

Inspire the inner Washington DC Sites and Attractions explorer and Smithsonian adventurer in you by satiating your cultural palette today.  Print your free ticket for Free Museum Day Live and visit a museum of choice on September 26th, 2015: click to print your free tickets.  Each ticket is good for 2 people.

A note from your Innkeepers:

We have a great team of young, vibrant and knowledgeable innkeepers at our DC bed and breakfast that are always looking out for specials, discounts and free things to do for our guests and here is a Great article written for DC visitors.  Destination DC put together a list of 100 Free Family-Friendly Things To Do in DC.  Enjoy!

Meet the American Guest House Family:

Meet the Rosan Family.

From right to left: Claudio Rosan, Lucia Rosan, Mathew Rosan