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Welcome to Our Washington DC Bed and Breakfast


– Rates $159 to $219 per night
– Discounts and DC Specials:  Staycation
– Location:  10 minutes walk to Dupont Circle Metro, City Center, Dupont Circle
– Non Smoking, No Pets, No Children under 10
– Nearby DC Attractions:  Phillips Gallery, Dumbarton House, Zoo, White House

The period between summer and fall (we call it “Fallumer” at the Guest House) brings some of the most mild, inviting weather D.C. has to offer. Where better to spend this time than with us in one of the most beautiful neighborhoods in the nation’s capital? Located just north of the busy commercial and residential area, our D.C. Inn allows one to feel at home in an otherwise bustling, busy metropolitan city. Kalorama (Greek for “fine view”) is in many respects the prime neighborhood of D.C., retaining an upscale neighborhood feel while being about twenty-five minutes on foot away from the national mall. While the bustling political life of the city takes place in the Northeast, Northwest D.C. is home to most of the nightlife, cultural attractions, and shopping venues in the capital. So join us while you unwind before the cold brings us to our knees!

Our cooks take pride in making breakfast fresh every morning. The menu spans the range from huevos ranchers, crepes, orange ricotta pancakes, omelettes, and fresh-baked banana bread. If you have dietary restrictions, please inform us about a week in advance so we can accommodate your stay!

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Washington DC Getaways:

Are any of you residents of the district? If so, have you considered a Staycation? A staycation will allow you to learn all about your city. Just be sure to plan one stop of your seasonal staycation in Kalorama! That way you can visit Adams Morgan, DuPont Circle, and Embassy Row. Have you visited Washington DC Sites and Attractions?

What To Do in Washington DC

The bustling nightlife in the nation’s capital brings the mantra to mind: work hard, play hard. Residents of D.C. certainly do! Head up to Adams Morgan or over to U Street for a night on the town. Just ask an innkeeper where to go and we’ll create an itinerary for you!

A note from your innkeeper:

A bit of history.  On August 21st, 1959, Hawaii became our 50th state! Aloha!