Celebrate the Holidays in Washington, DC

Washington, DC is a wonderful place to celebrate the holidays as the storefronts, trees, buildings, and monuments are beautifully embellished with lights and garland making the city magical. Through the end of December, celebrations will be happening on each day … Continue reading

The Electronic Superhighway: a must-see DC exhibit

There are so many museums and galleries in Washington DC that picking attractions to visit can feel like picking a name out of a hat. While it’s true that there’s a plethora of great things to see in DC, there … Continue reading

Chinatown: A DC Must-Visit Neighborhood

Upon crossing under the Friendship Archway, you enter a world of culture, history, and nightlife in the small, historic neighborhood of Chinatown. Situated along H and I Streets between 5th and 8th Streets, Northwest, Chinatown comprises of diverse restaurants, shopping, … Continue reading

Washington DC’s Spanish Steps

Tucked away between embassies and busy roads in Washington DC’s beautiful Kalorama neighborhood is a small, urban getaway. I found these stairs by accident, about a ten minute walk from our Washington DC Hotel after having just moved to DC.  … Continue reading