DC Shorts 2014

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This September 11-21, 2014 hundreds of filmmakers and thousands of audience members will gather together her in Washington, DC to explore the art of short cinema. This will be the 11th year the DC Shorts Film Festival and Screenplay competition will take place. There will be a showcase of 135 films from 25 countries with a special selection of short films by upcoming Spanish Filmmakers. “A Special Day”, “He’s a Fighter”, “Misquito”, “Job Interview”, “One-Minute Time Machine”, and  “Run To Live” are just a few titles of the many short films that will be playing. Go to DC Shorts 2014 film sorter page on their website to plan out a schedule and to purchase tickets.

Take a look at this trailer, “Spare Change”, short about a homeless man and his ex-lover.

This Festival isn’t all about the films, it’s about the parties too!  On the 12th they are holding the City View Party that will be open to the public on the deck roof top at Carroll Square. The next night they are holding the Grand Bash, $20 a head, celebrating at the U.S. Naval Memorial. There will be two more parties held on the 11th and the 20th, but only to those who are VIP members. If you are traveling to Washington, DC to take part in this fun filled festival, stay here at our Washington DC Inn, our staff will take care of your every need and make you feel right at home. Don’t miss out on this festival that many Washingtonians and travelers look forward to each year!

Another short trailer, “The Story of Volcano Valenci”, a renowned fire eater attempts blowing fire while skydiving!

Innkeeper at American Guest House, a Washington DC Bed and Breakfast



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