American Academy of Nursing 2014

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This October 16-18 at the Grand Hyatt Washington, next to out Washington DC hotel, the American Academy of Nursing will hold its annual conference. This conference calls out the different avenues nurses are transforming the health care system. Not only are these men and women driving policy change, but they are also zeroing in on patients specific needs to bring them into the bigger picture, so the nation’s health can change for the better.

Nurses do so much, and really one is hard pressed to find a nurse that lacks compassion and understanding. They take the hospital experience and turn it into a personable check-up that isn’t scary or frustrating (well, at least not as scary of frustrating as it could be!). What makes these individuals so important is that they are the first line of defense in targeting issues or resolving circumstances. It is important with those in the health field to attend this three day conference so their knowledge can continue to grow.

This conference has three objectives: implementation of policy strategies to improve the communities health, evaluate the effectiveness of health care policy today, and incorporate a lifestyle that promotes wise choices. The deadline for registration is September 3rd.


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