2014 AOC International Symposium and Convention

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Recent experiments in directed-energy laser weapons on naval vessels have shown that it might be wise to begin moving away from conventional weapons systems and towards lower-cost electronic weapons.The association of old crows is an organization that educates industry and government leaders about such advances in electronic warfare. Formed during the second world war, the association continues to train and assist industry leaders amid the changing nature of armed conflict and hopes to facilitate the transfer of some weapons systems to directed-energy weapons systems.

(photo credit: Wikipedia in the public domain)

Today we have begun to see increasing use of cyber warfare tactics from countries with whom we are not openly at war. For this reason cyber defense has become an important tool in our defense arsenal, and organizations like Old Crow serve an essential function with respect to updating current experts in technologys’ expertise regarding the electronic means of war.

The subject of the 51st Annual AOC International Symposium and Convention is titled “Electromagnetic Spectrum Operations in Contested and Permissive Environments.” Electromagnetic weapons allow the targeter to disrupt the electronic infrastructure of enemy vehicles and other such entities. The conference takes place from October 6th through the 9th at the Marriott Wardman Park, a ten minute walk from our DC Lodging. We hope to see attendees around our breakfast table!

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