2014 State of the Science Congress on Nursing Research

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The 2014 State of the Science Congress on Nursing Research is meeting at the Hilton Convention Center in DC September 18 to the 20th right across from our DC hotel. The purpose of this convention is to, “Identify innovative strategies to optimize health by addressing complexities in individuals, populations, and health systems. Apply discoveries for diverse populations and across the lifespan. Engage in dialogue about the implications of emerging science and future directions for the discipline of nursing.” — nursingscience.org/2014

Registration for this event ends on August 31, and after this date the price increases. At the conference attendees will look at the future direction of our Nation’s health system. The primary focus will revolve around the new approaches leaders in this field are taking to better their practice. As our health system is extremely complex, with a plethora of gray area, this conference will be insightful to those seeking clarity on the new trends that are happening in the medical field.

Those at the conference can enjoy the local restaurants close by. With the Dupont metro a short distance, attendees will have quick access to tour DC after the conference and during lunch. With this exciting event in the works, DC welcomes the innovators of tomorrow.


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